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Outdoor Lab - Mountain Crew


Why climb? because it is natural. The act of climbing is spontaneous and gives us the ability to experience one of the most beneficial activities for our body and our mind set in fabulous scenery. Try it and you will not be able to do without it!

Rock Climbing

Climbing school or guide service to develop your rock skills and enjoy some great climbing in beautiful environments. Offered all year in the warm spots as in Sardinia Italy and in Thailand and during the summer months in the Dolomites and Chamonix.


Ice Climbing

With our courses you will develop a complete technique of steep ice climbing and sensitivity to the ice fall environment and learn to apply them efficiently in all conditions. Beginner, intermediate and advanced waterfall ice climbing courses will teach you how to use the right gear and all the secrets of the professional climbers.

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Alpine Climbing

Following a ridge, climb a fifty degrees face or a steep couloir, all this is mountaineering. We have programs for everyone beginning from those who want a fun initial climbing in high altitude, to those seeking serious expedition as in the Himalaya mountains. We also offer professional courses and seminars such as crevasse rescue for individuals and groups.